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Back into Nature

Sustainable communities

The design of a home always starts out from an understanding of the significance of a location and the people that share it. Whether urban, suburban, or rural. The character of a place and its future inhabitants determine the design of the house and the concept that ties it all together: the ‘Community’.

We strive to contribute to the new emerging definition of welfare. No longer determined by our status but by our access to conscientious living. Individual luxury is making way for a shared collaboration towards further stability. The durability of our relationships, our food, our housing, and our lives.

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And we find ourselves, drawn back to nature more than anything. Those natural landscapes that are the keepers of our pristine freedom, the ‘nothing’ we experience by fully emerging ourselves in the sounds, the colors, and sensations that nature offers to us.

Back into nature, one with nature. Enlived in the contours of perfect design. With the lowest ecological footprint.

One with Nature

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Elegant Simplicity

In regions such as Scandinavia, Germany, or France it is already common: a second house situated in the heart of the natural landscape. Timberlife combines the elegant simplicity of a nature lodge with the comforts of a villa.

A design that remains minimalistic, but upholds the same standard of class and

luxury you’re accustomed to at home. Something that is within reach for all landowners.

Timberlife provides concepts to all landowners, from recreational park owners to campsites, or beach clubs. Custom-cut designs for the next luxury ecological expansion or (re-) development of your park, estate, or property. From tiny-house to villa.

We also design villas and outdoor homes for clients in the private sector



From Architecture to Interior

Before starting the design process, we strive to determine the best possible outcome beforehand. Our first step to any new undertaking is doing precise research into all different options and to determine which options align best to your vision. Timberlife will find you your unique combination to your unique location. When your final concept has been seamlessly tailored, we will develop your design into the smallest details, from architecture to interior.

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Architecture and Landscape

Timberlife works in close cooperation with landscape architects to find the ideal fit with the surrounding nature and landscapes. With that information, Timberlife does not just design the homes but will also come up with the overarching concept for the desired recreational community, including the design for the central functional layout and buildings of the park or estate.

Low Energy & Climate Neutral

All Timerlife outdoor villas, beach houses, and Tiny Homes can be upgraded with a wide range of energy- and sustainable measures. To make our homes as low energy and climate neutral as you’d like them to be. Even a fully ‘off-grid’ setup is not out of the question, making access to water, energy, and sewerage inessential.


On Board with Experience

A quality product will better maintain its value when properly deployed unto the market. That is why Timberlife exclusively works with experienced recreational realtors and rental organizations, with a proven track record. That is the only way to guarantee our longstanding service quality and the luxuriousness of our product.

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Estate Bergvliet Oosterhout

Eighty fair, luxury, comfortable, and sustainable forest villas, spaciously plotted and precisely fitted to the captivating fields and forests surrounding the Bergvliet Estate. The character of the woods has translated into the residencies’ architecture. The villas’ interior is designed to harmonise with the atmosphere of the outdoor life, both inside and outside.

Each villa has been equipped with separate luxury bathrooms per bedroom. Our top-brand kitchens are produced in Germany and come with Siemens equipment.

This is the first holiday park in the Netherlands with sustainable homes, that are completely self-sufficient and durable for decennia. With an isolation value double the current standard, in conjunction with solar-panels and a whisper quiet climate control system, the house responsibly services an ideal indoor climate. All production methods and wood-types used in the design are of course FSC and PEFC certified.

Beach pavilion Katwijk aan zee

Timberlife is responsible for the design/concept of both the beach pavilion and beach houses of this complete project in Katwijk aan Zee.

The year-round pavilion spans an indoor surface of 600²m and has a 400²m terrace. It is built up from 3 separate structures tied together under settled roofs. The three roofs run parallel to each other. The wooden columns and crossbeams are made of untreated hard-oak. The façade is made up of durability-treated white wooden parts (Cape Cod) and white hardwood sliding doors. The gable ends are fitted with large window frames and at the heart a natural stone lined chimneys with both an indoor and outdoor fireplace.

A hardwood foundation, that sticks out of the sand, circumvented with large Accoya window-panes, which ensure a pleasant atmosphere on the terrace.


The beach-homes are formalized in natural white and equipped with 6 fixed sleeping spaces, a living room with open kitchen, a bathroom with a walk-in shower, and separate toilet. Together with the pavilion they form a most luxurious space to enjoy the beach.

Outdoor home Kagerplassen

Situated directly on the 'de Kaag' lakes stands this Timberlife summer home of 50²m. Formalized in natural wood with white frames.

The outdoor home is equipped with several noteworthy features: Wood stoves, both indoors and outdoors and a luxury bathroom with large bathtub, shower, and a separate toilet.

Garden-studio Voorschoten

This garden-studio has been build in the spacious backyard of a villa in Voorschoten.

The studio covers 30²m and suited as a workspace, but also has a living-dining area.

The structure has a pent roof, overhanging the veranda across the entire length. The natural mahogany frames and untreated western red cedar panels under the roof, form an eye-catching contrast with the Matt black treated vertical wooden parts along the outer edge.

Water Breed



Make an appointment

To get an initial taste of your future Timberlife villa or park, you are most welcome to make an appointment on Estate Bergvliet. Visit our model-home and, through your own eyes, experience the quality of the Timberlife outdoor living. Enjoy the Timberlife!


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